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How to organize a corporation?
Whether you want to create a C corporation or an S corporation, our California attorney will be able to help you with incorporation of your business. We provide fast, reliable, and reasonably priced incorporation services. Please contact us to get started.
What are the advantages and disadvantages of incorporating?
Corporations provide

  • personal liability protection for shareholders (corporate owners),
  • tax savings,
  • possibilities for raising capital, and
  • transferability of shares.

Corporations are required to perform certain formalities, such as

  • hold annual meetings of shareholders and of a Board of Directors,
  • keep detailed corporate records, including Minutes of the meetings,
  • file with the Secretary of State annual Statements of Information or other similar reports.

Our California and Nevada incorporation services
Every full-service incorporation, provided by our law offices includes a consultation to determine the best business entity type for you and your business, drafting  the Articles of Incorporation and filing  this document with the Secretary of State, preparation of Bylaws and initial Resolutions / Minutes of the organizational meetings of the Board of Directors or Shareholders. If needed, assistance with  an S-Corporation election and with the  application for FEIN will also be provided.

To organize a corporation, please contact us. Our business formation services may be handled entirely online (skype or email) or by phone.

Agent for Service of Process
An agent for service of process is the person designated by the entity to receive service of process, i.e., to receive the summons and complaint when served by the plaintiff (or the process server) in order to notify a corporation that a lawsuit has been filed against it. The agent for service of process, also called a “registered agent”, is required for all California corporations and for foreign corporations registered to do business in California. The name and address of the registered agent are public records.

If requested, our company provides services as the registered agent for corporations which we have organized or to which we have provided other legal services.

Corporate maintenance, annual meetings, and the Statement of Information
(a) Every California corporation shall have regular meetings of shareholders and directors; this is one of many requirements to avoid losing the limited liability protection for shareholders.

(b) California Secretary of State requires each stock corporation to file a Statement of Information on an annual basis and to pay a $25 fee. Nonprofit corporations must file a Statement of Information every 2 years. If the Statement of Information is not filed or is filed untimely, the corporation may be required to pay a penalty or may become suspended. The Statement of Information for most corporations can be submitted to the Secretary of State online, using their online filing service. Statements of information submitted by mail can be mailed or delivered in person to the Sacramento Office of the California Secretary of State, but the processing time is longer.

Please contact us if you need help in preparation of the Resolutions / Minutes of the meetings or  filing of the Statement of Information.

Dissolving a California corporation
If you have a corporation that is inactive, it should be dissolved. Failure to dissolve an inactive California Corporation will result in the annual assessment of $800 minimum franchise tax by the Franchise Tax Board and in penalties by the Secretary of State for non-filing of the annual Statement of Information.

To dissolve a corporation, all taxes must be paid, all tax returns must be filed, all corporate creditors issues must be addressed, and the appropriate filings must be made with the California Secretary of State.  The process of dissolution of the corporation may be commenced prior to completion of everything stated above. If you need our corporate dissolution services, please contact us and we will guide you through the necessary steps in winding up and dissolving the company.

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