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Child Support

1. What would be the amount of child support?
To estimate the amount of child support, you can use the California Guideline Child Support Calculator provided by the California Department of Child Support Services. Please remember that the Court has the final authority to determine the amount of a child support order. This calculator is not a guarantee of the amount of child support that will be ordered. The court may take into consideration other factors that affect the amount of child support.
2. Can I get child support if I never married my child’s other parent?
Yes. Both of a child’s parents owe that child a duty of financial support. You can obtain a support order. If you are a mother and your child’s paternity has never been established, you may need to initiate a paternity proceeding and establish paternity before a support order can be entered.
3. What do I need to do if I want to request a temporary court order?
To receive a temporary court order, you need to file a Request for Order. In your Request, you will ask for specific, temporary relief, which will be good until the trial/hearing or next court order. Usually, the relief is for child custody, visitation, child support, or spousal support. Together with your Request for Order, you should file documents supporting your request.

After filing, you will need to properly serve the documents on opposing party.

At the scheduled time, you need to go to the court hearing. At the hearing, the judge will decide whether the Court will give you temporary relief that you requested.

If you need help with preparation of the paperwork and filing the documents with the court, or want lawyer’s representation at the hearing, please contact our Orange County attorneys.

4. To change a child support amount, what can be considered a change of circumstances?
For purposes of modification of child support, some examples of a change of circumstances are:

  • Increase in income
  • Becoming employed
  • Change in amount of visitation
  • Reduction in income
  • Loss of employment
  • Change in physical custody of the child.

5. Is it possible to modify child support without going to court?
Yes, if both parents agree on a change of child support, our lawyers will help prepare the agreement and file it with the court. If a judge approves the agreement, there will be no need for either party to go to court.
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